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x Welcome to the fastest growing business intervention of our times: MENTORING

We provide mentoring and business development solutions to facilitate your success. Through our mentoring and business tollkits, state of the art mentoring software and a range of consulting services, we offer customizable solutions that allow organizations to meet their unique business challenges and reach the next level.

Mentoring works in all settings, people, situations and purposes. In the workplace it is both a strategic intervention and an excellent support mechanism;in an academic setting it may serve the purpose of helping student to reduce academic stress and of encouraging quality teaching and research. A new form of mentoring is evolving that is well suited to our contemporary society and that is mentoring in the community. It is one of the fastest growing social movements of our time as there are millions of volunteers the world over making themselves available to help others for a variety of reasons. 

Work with Shine P&P, the Mentoring Specialist, to find the best Mentoring & Business Development Solutions for your challenges.

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Client Testimonials

“I believe the Talent P... Karen Illingworth, Skills Development Manager, the Mersey Partnership

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x Our Mentoring Products x

The Mentoring Toolkit

A practical, comprehensive guide to running successful mentoring programmes covering every aspect of designing, managing and running a mentoring programmes. 

Mentoring Toolkit - Content & Foreword (PDF 608kb)

Purchase Now  a copy of the Mentoring Toolkit, online version

Mentoring Software         

This state-of-the-art  software integrates the interactive human elements of relationships with all the productivity and technical capability of the internet. This combination ensures both co-ordinators and employees get the best support network possible.
  Click here to find out the many features of the programme.

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7 Mentoring Websites You Should Look At

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x How we can help x

Click on one of our services below to find about how Shine P&P can help, inspire and grow your staff and your business:

Design, implementation and running of mentoring programmes

Mentoring training for mentors and mentees

ILM accredited mentoring training

Programme coordinator's training

Enterprise mentoring

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Mentoring in Action
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Mentoring with Skills Active                

Make your club more successful and sustainable with 75% off mentoring Training supported by the Mayor's Sport Legacy   

Volunteers are the lifeblood of community sport. Improve volunteer retention and maximise volunteer skills with mentoring training supported by the Mayor’s Sports Legacy Fund.  The training will help your club / organisation with:

  • Maximising your resources
  • Improve effective transfer of knowledge and skills
  • Encourage motivated, effective volunteers

For more information and next available opportunities.

Enterprise mentoring

This is the new buzz word in the world of mentoring and small enterprises. Do you want to get involved or do you want us to deliver mentoring training or do you simply want an enterprise mentor? More information.

Find us is MENTORSME


European Projects and Partners          

We are looking for partners for both Leonardo and Grundtvig projects to do with Learning and Development for the sector of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality and Learning & Development. Please send us your profile.



European Heritages Hidden WondErs of our COMmon Heritages

Shine P&P, in collaboration with Visit Kent, is one of five European partners of the  We.Come project.  Supported by the European Commission, the project aims at promoting transnational cultural itineraries based on The ‘Parks and Gardens’ route and The route of the ‘Olive Oil’, both already recognised ‘Cultural Routes’ by the Council of Europe. ‘ More information.

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