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A small company with big goals

Grow your revenue, profitability and business valuation


How does it work?


We work alongside owner-managers and management teams to provide objective and honest feedback on their business, based on many years of business management and coach/mentoring experience. We help you run a business that is more profitable and enjoyable to run by using a sound and tested methodology. We can focus on any of the following areas of your business: 


  • Define short and mid-term strategy 

  • Create a growth and development plan

  • Attract and keep more customers

  • Increase sales and profitability

  • Build a workable financial model to empower decision making

  • Get the whole team to align with the vision and the plan

  • Help with implementing the changes and building momentum



What's involved?


  • Understanding WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing

  • Acceptance that you can’t do it alone

  • Trust in the process

  • Commitment to change

  • Time to execute

Training businesses and people

Build your tourism marketing strategy and planning


We provide specialised strategy and marketing consulting for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry both in the private and public sectors, and support you in the development and planning.


How does it work?


We work closely with your team to get a holistic picture of your organisation’s aims and objectives;   your current positioning and explore where your organisation should be heading.  Our collective insights are translated into strategic advice which forms the foundation for the strategy development and planning. Depending on your organisation’s needs, our strategy and marketing consultations consist of three core phases:



Identifying global trends with specific reference to your key markets is invaluable to understand where the industry is going in the short and mid-term as well as recognising critical opportunities and ascertain innovative good practice from the field of tourism and beyond.



Equipped with background and positioning we develop a strategy, identify KPIs and make recommendation across a number of areas, from branding to communication and social marketing, to organisational structure and HR.



We develop a roadmap with clear, measurable and realist targets and milestones and support you in their implementation.



What's involved?


  • Clarity of purpose

  • Time to explore

  • Discipline of execution

  • A good dose of determination

  • Trust in the process



Mentoring for Success
Business Growth

Embed mentoring that nurtures, develops your people and fits with your culture


How does it work?


Successful companies use mentoring to address complex human resource challenges such as increasing employee retention and improving workforce productivity. Corporate mentoring is on the rise and in fact, 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies offer mentoring programmes to their employees. Setting up a mentoring programme requires thought, planning and effort depending on whether it is formal or informal.  We help you through all the steps, including training and inducting mentors/mentees.  If your programme has more than 100 participants, you should consider using an online platform to monitor and measure all your mentoring activities and match employees to mentors. Depending on your organisation’s needs our intervention can focus one or more activities.



Identify why mentoring, how it fits with your business objectives and what you would like the mentoring programme to address:


  • Employee career development

  • High potential development

  • Diversity training

  • Reverse mentoring

  • Knowledge transfer


Design and plan the programme that best fits your business culture and objectives; financial planning; gaining consensus



Marketing the programme, recruit and train mentors, induct mentees, matching, monitoring, and evaluation.



What's involved?


  • Belief in mentoring as one of the most powerful development tools of any organisation

  • Time to dedicate to the process

  • Understanding what the return on investment should be

  • Finding a mentoring sponsor or champion


Trust us, we are mentoring specialists. We can support you all the way.

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