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Hi, I am a Business Coach / Mentor.

I support SMEs to develop goals that will have an impact on their growth and move on to the next level.


I specialise in the fastest growing sector of travel, tourism and hospitality where I accumulated more than 20 years’ experience. I work alongside owner-managers and management teams to provide objective and honest feedback on their business, based on many years of business management experience. I give owners and managers confidence about what they should do next, why, and also how they should go about doing it.


My clients tell me that I inspire them to move forward. They also say that they value my business knowledge and experience.  


I follow a process developed by Jason Stevens.  I like the word GROWTH as it implies stretch, progression, movement and strength.  It also gives structure to the work I do with them and it motivates them to consider ownership, the impact of the goal itself and how to achieve it.

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What will the results look like when they have been achieved?

How will they be measured?

What needs to be achieved and why?

Possible statement of intent.

Who owns the goal?

Which other stakeholders are involved and which other interested people?

What is their level of willingness, skills, motivation and achievement to make this happen?

What knowledge and skills need to be delivered or developed?


How long will it take?

What are the short, medium and long term timescales and milestones?

How will they do this? What is the plan B?

How will the challenges be overcome? What support will they need?







Motivating People to Succeed



We help you grow a successful and profitable business based on tried and tested models and develop your staff by embedding a mentoring and learning culture.

FREE comprehensive Business Needs Analysis

Unique review system leading to an appraisal of where the issues are and which should be treated as priorities. This can last up to two hours. Be prepared to be asked lots of questions about you and your people.


If you decide to engage with us we jointly decide what the development goals are, the resources needed, the time required and the terms of our engagement.


We start working using growth and development tools and putting in place plans and structures to grow the business and make it as tax efficient as possible.


We work on a ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ basis which means that you won’t be expected to pay if we don’t deliver.

Business Growth

Call us for a FREE 'Business Needs Analysis' on 020 8343 2520

They include:

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