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Hi, I am Gaby Marcon Clarke, a business coach/mentor, workshop facilitator, trainer and speaker!


I am an experienced professional and principal of Shine P&P. My business experience, coming from roles such as managing a number of tour operator businesses and providing destination marketing consultancy as well as addressing people’s development through mentoring and coaching, has given me a practical insight not only into management and staff issues, but also on customers’ needs and how best to satisfy them.


My experience, sound academic background and the feedback of my clients have led me to operate in a portfolio of activities. 

We help you run a business that is more profitable and enjoyable to run by using by a sound and tested methodology and by focusing on four main areas:


Planning and implementing a growth strategy
To shape the future of your business.


Improving your sales and marketing

through setting up a business growth plan and forecasting your sales.


Checking costs and business profitability

measuring your financial performance and getting ready for business funding. 


Improving your products and services and keeping ahead of your competitors

because needs and expectations change all of the time.


Finding more efficient ways

of running the operation of your business.


Developing an exit strategy
To help you define what success means in business.


“Thank so much... The meeting  was very instrumental in helping to give me direction and clarity. You are a wonderful mentor and I thank you of your time and knowledge.”




“...It has been vital to have Gaby on board...for her amazing knowledge on most matters, endless enthusiasm and probing nature in discovering and questioning...”

MD of IJ



“..I was able to experience firsthand the strong and positive impact that her coaching has and this has become crucial to strategically grow our business.."

Director of IMS



I started facilitating tourism marketing workshops a few years ago and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to meet business owners and tourism authorities, learn about their marketing struggles and help them to gain new perspectives and to differentiate themselves from the competition.


The workshops I run are highly practical and based on the Action Learning Set model.

Everybody is encouraged to experiment and to play with the tools I provide.

Tourism Marketing

I am not about the latest fads and trends but tried and tested method founded on the latest industry thinking where the clients remain at heart.


My personal areas of expertise are:


  • Mentoring training (area of expertise)

  • Developing creative habits to add value

  • Appreciative Inquiry in Mentoring

  • Mentoring vs Sponsorship


“Working with Gaby was an absolute delight and a thrilling ‘education’.  I have never known a trainer to so superbly connect with the group, impart lucid and relevant information and combine peer learning with taught fact in such an efficient & powerful way.  Managing people while ‘educating’ is a rare, rare talent and Gaby has this talent in great volume.”

Fay Easton, Co-Founder, Young Britain

“..Thanks for a very inspiring presentation - I have started writing in a journal as a result, and this is already helping with my creativity... “

Naila Malik, Women in Business & Finance

“..The session was stimulating and demonstrated how ideas can be created”.

Veronica Broomes, Executive Solutions Training Ltd

“Thank you  – it was great talking through the scheme with you and it has re-focused me as well as brought lots of new ideas forward."

Lucy Deller, EMEA Lead HR Advisor



There is nothing I enjoy more than talking about how to empower tourism businesses to market their business better and how to harness people’s potential through mentoring.


I also present tourism masterclasses to small industry groups.


I would be delighted to present to your book me in.

Gaby Marcon Clarke, Shine P&P