Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.



Mentoring works in all settings, people, situations and purposes. In the workplace it is both a strategic intervention and an excellent support mechanism; in an academic setting it may serve the purpose of helping students to reduce academic stress and of encouraging quality teaching and research.


A new form of mentoring is evolving that is well suited to our contemporary society and that is mentoring in the community. It is one of the fastest growing social movements of our time as there are millions of volunteers the world over making themselves available to help others for a variety of reasons. 


Whether you are implementing a formal or informal mentoring programme, training your mentors and inducting your mentees is highly advisable. An effective mentoring relationship is one where both mentors and mentees have the core skills and the right kind of values to back them up. 


We provide flexible training that suits the needs of busy professionals and works around your budget.

Choose from:


  • One day Training for mentors 

  • ILM accredited training for mentors  

  • Half day induction for mentees 

  • Train the trainer for Mentoring Co-ordinators

  • One day Business Mentoring Training

  • Webinars for mentors (essential skills)

  • Webinars for mentors (advanced skills)

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A typical day focuses on the tools needed to act as mentors, primarily in the workplace but also in the community and in a variety of other situations. The workshop encourages participants to use mentoring as a learning, development and performance-raising tool and to use a range of techniques to get the best out of the people they mentor. Plenty of role playing opportunities, group discussions and exercises are provided to ensure participants are confident in using mentoring skills, tools and techniques by the time they leave the workshop.  


We can also provide half day Mentor Training focusing on the theory and less on the practice.  The training can be ILM accredited (Enquire for more information).

Mentor Guide

Alternative options:


1. Home study with our online Mentor Guide


2. Half day training with the use of the our Mentor Guide


3. Webinars (essential / advanced skills)


4. ILM Accreditation

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1. Home Study via our Mentoring Workbook


2. Webinar

Implementing a mentoring programme can be a daunting task. However, we have devised a step by step training that will make it easy for you and design the perfect programme for your own organisation.









  • Identify or clarify the objectives of the programme 

  • Decide on the scope of the programme i.e.  size, extent,   approach, formal vs informal, one to one vs group, internal vs external mentors etc.

  • Decide how it will link it to other development activities such as performance reviews or development planning

  • Design and plan the mentoring programme

  • Manage the programme as an on-going concern

  • Run the programme

  • Review and evaluate the mentoring programme

If you wish to know more about implementing a mentoring programme, then please take advantage of your FREE initial consultation.

Mentoring Programme

Alternative options:

We will help you to:




The role of a business mentor is multi-faceted and requires a good level of skills and self-awareness. This course aims to equip would be mentors with the right level of knowledge and understanding to undertake the role.























  • Understand the role of a business mentor

  • Reflect on and develop current skills and knowledge, and recognize how they can be used in the business mentoring role

  • Reflect on issues / motivations facing different groups and how you might adjust your approach to meet their needs

  • Understanding the legal and ethical requirements

  • How to deal with the competing demands facing entrepreneurs

  • The financial aspects of running a business

  • Marketing, sales and customer service


If you wish to discuss with an expert how mentoring could benefit your organisation and what type of mentoring might be right for you please contact Shine on 020 8343 2520.


Being a good mentee is critical in order to make the most out of the relationship; to be focused on the objectives and to have realistic expectations. This workshop aims to bridge the gap and to provide useful guidelines for anyone preparing for a mentoring relationship, whether formal or informal.


The dynamic of every mentoring relationship is different as each operates in a different context, influencing the behaviour of mentor / mentee, the process and ultimately the outcome. However, the relationship is about mutual learning and sharing and the responsibility for learning rests firmly with the mentee.

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