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Dec 04 2014

Coaching and Mentoring: a revolution in personal professional development

Most markets in the current business world are under pressure. Sales are tough to win and profits are under the scrutiny of shareholders. Competitive edge is difficult to gain and quickly copied whilst people are asked to produce more and better. How then to respond to all these challenges to improve performance while keeping a healthy work/life balance? There is growing evidence that Coaching & Mentoring may well be the answer. Read More


Aug 05 2014

Talking about our generation

"For decades we have known about the importance of mentoring in developing people. Yet few organisations have successfully leveraged it as part of their HR and training strategy in a way that aligns it with company objectives and supports organisational and individual development, and few organisations have used mentoring to engage multiple generations within their workforce." Read More

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Resources, Learning from the Bhutanese People

Mar 12 2014

What we could learn from the Bhutanese people

Is it only a question of developing lateral thinking in order to come up with alternative, even quirky solutions or is it to do with creating the most conducive environment for the creative juices to flow or is it a combination of both? People like Edward De Bono and Robert Epstein have been writing books to help us jumpstarting workplace creativity for years, stressing the importance of the practical and theoretical understanding of the creative process, and yet most organizations and individuals don’t know how to tap into their creative potential. Read More

Appreciative Enquiry in Mentoring

"A few years ago I came across Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as an approach to organisational development and decided that this technique could be used successfully by mentors and applied to any mentoring/coaching practice." Read More



Nov 07 2013

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Jul 19 2013

Are your networks good enough?

"Some of us excel at the art of networking and some do it reluctantly while the vast majority of us do it without any thinking or planning. We network to meet people, to develop contacts and to exchange information. We also have a go at sharpening our communication skills and developing relationship-building habits however, we tend to underestimate the importance of building and looking after our networks." Read More