My presentations are tailored specifically for the industry and content can be adapted based on the specific needs of the conference/masterclass and on the time available. My speaking topics include, but are not limited to the below:








Creativity and Innovation
Appreciative Inquiry, Shine People and Places

With global international tourist arrivals reaching one billion each year and tourist destinations growth

only expected to increase, opportunities in the tourism industry are endless. Yet many destinations and tourism businesses are not maximising opportunities.


In devising a marketing strategy, most operators and 

destinations marketing agencies start with the product and then look at the target market.  I believe that to thrive in this extremely competitive industry, we should invest in understanding market trends, identifying potential new markets and generally looking at the product from the potential 

client’s perspective.


In this session, I will explore how to look for new markets, fill niches and target the right audience.

Mentors can be at any level of the hierarchy within an organisation. They serve as role models, help navigate the company politics and make one focus on our personal/professional development. 


Sponsors are senior managers with influence. They help us by giving us exposure to other senior 

executives; protect us from negative publicity; fight to get us promoted and make sure we are 

considered for developing opportunities.


The session will look at what has changed in the world of mentoring and evaluate when to use one and when the other as career development tools and how to map, build and maintain our network.

Creativity and innovation concern the process of creating and applying new knowledge. They are the product of preparation and effort and are within the reach of everyone.

Our creativity is often blocked in a variety of ways, including deep-seated beliefs about the world.


The session will focus on 

understanding our own creative DNA, how to get out of ruts and into productive grooves and how to use it in both work and life.

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Appreciative Inquiry is a strategy for change based on the idea that focusing on what works within

organisations, local communities and for individuals instead of what is not working, leads to a new and a better future.


Although AI is practiced by a number of international organisations, it is still more widely used in the United Stated although it is spreading steadily this side of the Atlantic. I came across this theory a few years ago in an effort to make my training and coaching/mentoring practice more effective and I have been using it in many different situations and environments.


The session aims at evaluating this approach in the light of the extensive work conducted over the years by a number of organisational development practitioners and of my personal practice.

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