There is no lack of knowledge out there, just a lack of people asking for help.



Mentoring often fits into organizations’ existing management development and continuous professional development programmes. We help you to embed a mentoring culture to develop, engage and support your staff.  Our mentoring interventions cover:


  • Mentoring training for mentors/ mentees and programme co-ordinators

  • ILM accredited mentoring training

  • Design, implementation and running of mentoring programmes

  • Mentoring workbook

  • Mentoring platform

  • Career mentoring

  • EU Tourism Mentoring 



Whether you are implementing a formal or informal mentoring programme, training your mentors and mentees is highly advisable.


An effective mentoring relationship is one where both mentors and mentees have the core skills and the right kind of values to back them up. We provide flexible training that suits the needs of busy professionals and works around your budget.


We have also devised a step by step training for mentoring co-ordinators enabling them to set up the most suitable programme for your own organisation.  




Many organisations already offer some form of mentoring. But for most of it is a fairly informal affair.


It usually involves pairing up newcomers with older hands and is offered as part of an induction programme. Our mentoring programmes go further. They are formal, structured, and have clear objectives and achievable goals.


They also involve an online platform to monitor all your mentoring activities and match employees to mentors.


Reaching Goals


A practical guide to running successful mentoring programmes covering every aspect of designing, managing and running a mentoring programme.


The toolkit comprises of four sections:

  • The Co-ordinator guide

  • The Mentor Guide

  • The Mentee Guide

  • Business Mentoring

DOWNLOAD an overview of its content and foreword.

Mentoring Workbook


This state-of-the-art software integrates the interactive human elements of relationships with all the productivity and technical capability of the internet. This combination ensures both co-ordinators and employees get the best support network possible. 


There are critical times in our life when we either choose to or are forced to make changes. At such times, being able to answer questions such as: ‘Which career opportunities are there?' or ‘How did I get where I am?’ and again, ‘How can I make the most of my talent?’, 'Am I better off starting my own business?' will put people in a better position to plan their next move and to have a vision for their future.


Taking a step back to assess both life and career is important not only for a better understanding of our own values, skills and abilities but to avoid the career/life being shaped by accident, rather than by what one ‘really’ wants.










RUNWAY TO SUCCESS A free tool that you can use on your own or with the support of one of Shine's qualified career coaches.

WORKSHOPS that we can customise and deliver to your organisation. Highly interactive and designed to identify and address barriers to career advancement and fulfilment while sharing experiences in a safe and stimulating environment.

Runway to Success


EU Tourism Mentoring is a European project focusing on mentoring within the hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors (HTT).


The project is co-funded from Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation and connects five partners across Europe from Slovakia, United Kingdom, Romania and Lithuania.


The main ambition of the project is to develop a standardized methodology for mentors development in the HTT sector across Europe.